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near Leon Springs, Bexar County, Texas, July 3, 2001                                              Asclepias Home
Photos and website by Harlen E. and Altus Aschen    Copyright (c) 2001   Texas Milkweed
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Asclepias texana: What we have seen:
Bright white flowers in a loosely packed
umbel cluster ... just a hint of lavender or
pink ... long central pedestal above petals. 
Dark, bright green, opposite, ovate leaves. 
As many as seven stems rising from the
same spot where at times there still were
one or two old stems from last year.  Stems
were as long as thirty inches.  Most of these
plants were found under juniper trees in
the rocky soil of the Texas hill county.  The
long thin seed pods were about five inches
in length.  These plants were growing wild
in northwest Bexar County.