A. asperula
A. latifolia
A. linearis
A. oenotheroides
A. verticillata
A. curassavica
A. perennis
Charts of sightings:    OctNov 2006   OctNov2007   OctNov2008inprogress

Recovered Monarch they flew from Ohio 11/3/06

Photos, early milkweeds: asperulaoenotheroidesviridis Feb/Mar/Apr 2008        
   viridis 2008     http://www.asclepias.org/feb2808.html  
   asperula 2008     http://www.asclepias.org/mar0208.html           
   loading of eggs 2008   http://www.asclepias.org/mar1508.html     
   fade comparison 2008   http://asclepias.org/mar2208.html     
   fade comparison 2003 revisited!   http://asclepias.org/faded.html     
   larvae circles 2008     http://asclepias.org/apr0608.html

Observations and opinions, notes from the mid-coast.
Photos of three milkweed butterflies:  Monarch, Queen, and Soldier
Comparison of Monarch and Queen larvae                         

"HOW TO" Pages:  Checking Monarchs for spores of the parasitic protozoan 
      Ophryocystis elektroscirrhas slides, referred to as "O.e."
      Making a butterfly net in the classroom.
Photos 2001 and 2002 related to monarchs and milkweeds:

  Late A. viridis, Dec 19, 2001,  DeWitt County, Texas
  Late A. oenotheroides, Dec 30, 2001, Calhoun County, Texas

Spring 2002, early native milkweeds, after hard freeze March 4:  

  Early plants, A. asperula, March 16, 2002,  DeWitt County 
  A. viridis,  March 19, 2002,  Victoria and Calhoun Counties  
  A. oenotheroides plus fireant mounds March 24, 2002 Calhoun.County 
Spring 2003, early sprouts, A. viridis, Feb 22, 2003, Calhoun County  
Green anole  munching on monarch, January 27, 2002, Port Lavaca
Monarch pair in backyard, very faded male, February 9, 2002, Port Lavaca
Faded monarchs (a), spring '01 and spring '02, comparison upclose photos  
Faded monarch female (b), over asperula April 1, '02
Faded monarch male (c), one of many  DeWitt Co. Apr10, '02

A. obovata
A. texana
A. tuberosa
A. viridiflora
A. viridis
Photo pages:

A. incarnata
A. syriaca
    Texas Milkweed Photos (Asclepiadaceae)

     Asclepias asperula  (Antelopehorns, Spider Antelopehorns)  

     Asclepias curassavica*   (Mexican, Tropical Milkweed)

     Asclepias incarnata  (Swamp Milkweed) 

     Asclepias latifolia    (Broadleaf Milkweed) 

     Asclepias linearis    (Slim Milkweed)                    

     Asclepias obovata     (Pineland Milkweed)

     Asclepias oenotheroides   (Hierba de Zizotes, Zizotes) 

     Asclepias perennis     (Marsh, Shore Milkweed)

     Asclepias syriaca   (Common Milkweed)

     Asclepias texana       (Texas, White Milkweed)   

     Asclepias tuberosa   (Butterfly, Orange Milkweed)

     Asclepias verticillata    (Whorled Milkweed)       

     Asclepias viridiflora  (Wand, Green Comet Milkweed)   

     Asclepias viridis   (Green Antelopehorns, Spider Milkweed)

New '02: Quick Reference Guide: flowers, blooms, plants
New '02:  Seed pod photos and comparisons
New '02:  TexMW, Monarch and Milkweed Resources

Milkvines:  Matelea reticulata (Pearl Milkvine) 
               Matelea biflora (Two flower Milkvine)
          Cynanchum angustifolium   (Marsh Swallow-wort)

*Non-native:  Asclepias curassavica    (Mexican, Tropical)
               Asclepias fruticosa (White Swan Milkweed)

      Photos and webpages by Harlen E. and Altus Aschen
      Copyright © 2000 - 2008  Harlen E. and Altus Aschen
                    Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, Texas

For additional milkweed information, visit:
    The Monarch Watch Milkweed Guide 
    TAMU Images of Asclepiadacae 
    TAMU Texas Distribution of Asclepiadacae
    USDA plant profiles, Asclepias
    *Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center DB Asclepiadaceae

Monitor monarchs and larvae across Texas, visit:
    Monarch Watch (click migration & tagging, tagging monarchs)
    Monarch Larval Monitoring Project, MLMP  
    Journey North (click on the Monarch, "sightings", or "maps")
    Texas Monarch Watch   
     Monarch & Milkweed Links, Texas and No. Am.

These pages are not intended to replace any other websites!  
They are not intended to be a study in botany, but are only 
images we gathered and things we saw and learned over a four 
year quest of finding wild, native milkweed across central 
Texas to the coast.  The pages and photos may be reproduced 
and used only for educational purposes.  The pages were 
started after we found it so difficult to locate wild, native 
milkweeds.  We designed the pages to help other teachers, 
students, and parents to locate and monitor milkweeds and 
monarch larvae during the spring, summer, and fall.  

When reproducing, we would appreciate proper credits  be
included.  Teachers, we designed the pages to print with text 
and photos on one page and then hopefully skip to the next 
page without much loss.  Any errors are ours alone!  We lose 
pages, lose photos, lose links, and make "misteaks", but hope 
the intent and content remain as we wished.  This was not a 
definitive study and changes are being made almost daily!   

Contact us about any errors.  Please protect those native 
milkweeds!   Thank you, good milkweeding,  good monarching 
from the Texas mid coast.     

                       Harlen E. and Altus Aschen 
                Port Lavaca, Calhoun County, Texas 
                          Copyright © 2000 - 2021 

Equipment:  Early photos were captured from hi8 video, then
digital stills with Sony FD-72, CD-1000, F-1, DSC-H1 &  W100
Some photos are on loan, used with permission, credits given.

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**Click for Milkweed photos on loan from Gary Stell!